Veterans Outreach

Military Freemason

Beginning in 2015, Charles W. Moore Lodge will be instituting a new Veteran’s Outreach program intended to seek out, assist if in need, and offer educational and support resources to Masons who are veterans of our Armed Forces. This is a new initiative and will require participation from CW Moore Lodge members, Freemasons outside our lodge, and the general public. Please reach out to us if you’d like to get involved.

Many men in the military have been Masons. From George Washington to Norman Schwartzkoff. Masons strive to make good men better. Soldiers are often forgotten and put by the wayside when they return home. This page is dedicated to help these individuals find the help they need to get the answers they yearn for.

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  • Veterans Service Office
    Michele Marino
    14 Wallace Ave. 2nd FL
    Fitchburg, MA 01420
    • Statewide Advocacy For Veterans Empowerment(SAVE)
      Department of Veteran Services
      600 Washington St. 7th FL
      Boston, MA 02111
    • Homeless Veterans Training and Jobs
      Veterans Inc.
      69 Grove St.
      Worcester, MA 01605
      508-791-0956 Ext. 125
    • Veterans Crisis Line
    • TBI Hotline
    • North Central Career Center
      Jim Chamberlain
      978-534-1481 Ext. 218
    • Disabled American Veterans(DAV)
      3725 Alexandria Pike
      Cold Spring, KY 41076